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Who We Are

The Sophia Club is an organization Promoting Human Fellowship And Unity through diverse social engagements such as public discussion sessions, lectures, fun retreats, enlightenment programmes, and charity. We are the bridge into the future, championing new thought and empowering perspectives to life and existence and liberating folks from the shackles and limitation of the old way.

The Sophia Club is trans-denominational at its soul with its doors ever flung wide to people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. In the House of Humanity, cultural and religious labels matter less than the fact that we are all humans sharing one blood and one Earth. We are wisdom lovers, ever drinking from the Fountain of Sophia, the Wisdom immanent in the Universe from time immemorial.

We understand that wisdom courses through all of life, through all societies, political and religious systems, and through our individual lives. We maintain balance in our lives by our seeking, awareness, and use of life’s wisdom. Collectively, members of the club are known as The Sophians.

Riding on Sophia

The 8th Sophian Statement says “That because the word Sophia defines Wisdom we, The Sophians, take on this name in definition of ourselves”.  Wisdom is a virtue and in the heart of any individual or institution wherein it dwells; wisdom safeguards life and directs courses through the confusion of existence and the complications of human knowledge. 

There are many names by which wisdom goes, a lot of these names are worded in the languages of Africa but we chose Sophia because of its widespread usage and not because it is part of Philosophia, from which philosophy came. Irrespective of the origin of the name Sophia, our use of the name serves to show the reverence we place on the ways of wisdom. 

Why did we elevate wisdom above any other human idea? The answer is there for any reflective individual to see that after Life, Wisdom comes next. The function of wisdom has earned it a character so precious that the world cannot do without it and humans are worse off if they are lacking wisdom. Wisdom is to the individual the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, awareness, consciousness, insight, understanding, common sense, and intuition.

Wisdom is paired with attributes such as compassion, unbiased judgment, experiential self-knowledge, self-transcendence and non-attachment and it befriends such virtues as love, ethics, brotherhood, and charity. It becomes that we, The Sophians, elevate wisdom in our lives, to study its ways, reflect on and practise its instructions, and share admonitions and practical examples of the fruits of wisdom to those seeking to live above folly and ignorance. The world is better off with wise people. 

What We Are Doing

The Sophians are sharing knowledge and goodwill and we are enjoying life in our journey. We use conventional and online methods of education in our enlightenment programmes.

We perform charity to the less privileged. We offer counselling and career direction to young people and business consultation to those who seek it. We sell wisdom.

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What People Are Saying

The Sophia Club is a group of intelligent and creative minds that are interested in pursuing mental-emotional freedom that fosters joy, happiness and fulfilment in all spheres of life.

Kunle Daramola

Educational Professional, Writer.

The Sophia Club is a group of intellectuals that are changing the narratives and trying to bring man to a place of freedom through wisdom.

Pamela Obazee

Teacher, Educational Consultant.

The Sophia Club is a community passionate about personal development and human progress.

Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe

Writer, Entrepreneur.

A group of EXTRAORDINARY people who think both outside and inside of the box.

Blessing Edet

Proprietress, Teenage Counselor.

The Sophia Club is one of the best fora where one can always learn, unlearn and relearn. The interactive sessions of the Sophians are always enlightening and interesting.

Sadiq Ojo Muhammed

Phytotherapist, Entrepreneur.

The Sophia Club is the best place to be because it opens your mind to a whole lot of things.

Emecheta Christian


The Sophia Club is a very educative and inspiring place to be.

Adeola Faronbi

Entrepreneur, Beauty Specialist.

The Sophians is about inspiring people especially youngsters, to be able to tap into their innermost potential and unleash their gifts.

Kelechi Osazuwa Emeahara


The Sophians Club is a hub for intellectuals, where great minds come together to share thoughts that prompt for the right and positive action to move our lives forward. It’s a place of learning, an avenue to grow and impact lives in your own little capacity. I’m glad to be a part.

Chiazor Michael


The Sophia Club is a collection of great and enthusiastic minds. Amongst other things, it seeks to promote love and equality amongst humans.

Ajayi Kehinde


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