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20 Ways To Be More Powerful


1 Embody optimism; see life in colours.
2 Speak clearly and confidently.
3 Construct a life purpose. Live by it.
4 Respect people, even disrespectful ones.
5 Dress well in the clothes you have.

6 Smile; often smile at yourself.
7 Speak the truth always, even if it cuts people off.
8 Accept situations you can’t control until you can.
9 Exercise the power of imagination; try to create.
10 Collaborate with well-meaning people.

11 Educate yourself; break indoctrination.
12 Become an expert in a particular field.
13 Observe people and situations.
14 Love people; above all, love yourself.
15 Express gratitude to God always.

16 Have an open mindset.
17 Take good care of your health.
18 Managing money; make it reproduce.
19 Making true friends; cut away the toxic.
20 Handle failure and heartbreak with wisdom.


Do you think there is more to add to this list? Mention them in the comment.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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