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7 Benefits of Being “A Jack of All Trades”

You’ve probably heard or been told that “a jack of all trades, a master of none.” But knowing a little of everything is often better than having one expert skill.

What is a Jack of All Trades?

A Jack of All Trades is someone who is competently skilled at different types of work.

A “Jack” knows how to do so many things, but never being a master of one particular skill.

In other words, It is a broad categorisation of people who are skilled in multiple fields, but lack expertise in any one of them!

For example, you might know how to do a little programming, build furniture, and cook good meals well enough to get these jobs, but you’re not an expert at any of these things.

However, in recent times, this term has shed its negative connotations and has evolved into a new version that doesn’t denounce the ‘jack of all trades’. Such people are now referred to as “generalists”, while the ‘masters of one’ are called “specialists”.

While being a specialist ensures your expertise in one area, being a generalist means you have knowledge dabbling in several broad topics, which widens your perspective and makes you a better problem-solver.

Also, creativity and innovation seem to flow from being dedicated to a particular type of work, but the best stuff seems to come from generalists, or people who know about a wide variety of topics.

Being more of a generalist makes it possible to take something personal and share it with others in a way they will not only understand but will appreciate.

Today, someone who learns about almost every aspect of a business while working in a specific role will definitely have an edge in organisational leadership (as an employee) and business revenue generation (as an entrepreneur) over someone who rose through the ranks doing only one job.

It’s evident that one can combine their diverse knowledge in various fields and become an all-around expert. Growing simultaneously in multiple areas with confidence moulds a person into an excellent version of themselves.


In today’s competitive world, mastering only a skill and being a novice in other related areas may put you at a disadvantage in organisation leadership or income generation opportunities.

Just like a camera, radio, DVD player, notepad, calculator, calendar, sleep monitor, calorie tracker, etc are now in a phone that is primarily designed for making & receiving calls, thus boosting its attractability and relevance, employers, customers and the business world alike, now find more attractive and relevant professionals that are masters of one skill they are looking for, but are also learned in the other related areas of the business.
Here are ways you can become “a jack of all trades”:
1. Be exceptional as an accountant but learn about digital marketing, people coaching, graphics designing, public speaking, strategy, etc. to your skillset.

2. Be fantastic as an HR professional, but learn business analysis, content creation, coaching and therapy, sales strategy, etc to your skillset.

3. Be a professional hairstylist, but learn pedicure & manicure, makeup & headgear- tying, etc, to your skillet.

4. Be a dermatologist, but learn about skincare, health & fitness, weight loss & weight gain, haircare, etc. to your skillset.

5. Be a psychologist, but learn about romantic relationship management, career coaching, etc. to your skillset.

6. Be a very good photographer, but also learn videography, video editing, etc. to your skillset.

7. Be a very good writer, but learn content creation, copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, creative writing, website/blog content, etc. To your skillset.

8. Be a web designer, but add coding, backlinks, SEO expert, etc.


No matter where you land with the concept, being a Jack of All Trades has plenty of benefits for those who want to try and do it all. Here are 7 benefits of being a jack of all trades:

1. Adaptability & Flexibility
As a Jack of All Trades, you’re able to take on a wide range of jobs and situations. Your expansive knowledge base can make you just as comfortable doing manual labour as you would be in an office chair processing data.

You may not be a superstar at everything you do, but you can do things just well enough that you’re never stressed about what might come next. You know how to use the knowledge and skills you’ve developed doing other things to make any job easier.

People who are “jack of all trades” has the ability to adapt to new circumstances, which provides a tremendous advantage compared to an expert in one skill/profession.

2. Go-Getters
People who are “jack of all trades” are go-getters which makes them exceptional. When an opportunity arises, they’re also likely to be the first to dive in and go for it. Lots of different fields have problems arise that sometimes require a different approach than the usual way, making you a go-to employee-or friend, or family member that’s ideal for the job.

3. Passionate About Learning
A Jack of All Trades is not content learning about just one thing. Your thirst for knowledge makes you want to keep learning and developing yourself. When you learn how to do one thing, curiosity takes hold and you start to learn associated skills too.

You develop a sense of the best ways to learn something efficiently so you can be good enough at whatever you choose. It might sound a little silly, but when you know how to approach new skills properly, no mountain is too high.

4. Help Build Confidence
The jack of all trades enhances confidence through preparation, action, lessons learned, and achievement while accumulating a variety of skills and experiences. Keeping your eyes and ears open to opportunities, coupled with learning and growing in multiple areas, is being a jack of all trades – much self-awareness and confidence will always be in your path.

Also, When there is no stone left unturned, the personalities of people who are jack of many trades evolve with more diversified skills, confident and stronger, ready to adapt to any situation and mould as per the complicated demands of the present trend of the world.

5. Self-Discovery
A jack of all trades understands strengths and weaknesses, which improves decision-making, time management, and delegation skills.

6. Better in Leadership Roles
When you think of a good leader, you think of someone with experience. Leaders that know all the aspects of a business and have multiple skills have an edge over someone who rose through the ranks doing only one job.

The jack of all trades grows a wide-ranging list of skills, experiences, and knowledge about various fields, and a better problem-solving ability in unprecedented situations which provides an edge in becoming a great leader.

7. Multiple Streams Of Income
You can’t be a jack of all trades and you will be broke at all times. Your skills will fetch you money no matter the situation. If Doctors are on strike, they aren’t going to be paid for the duration of not working. If such a doctor has other skills that fetch him/her money, he/she won’t be bothered.

Being a jack of all trades, one can ensure to sustain with baseline in the career amidst any impending challenge life throws at us whether it is a pandemic, natural calamities, war or economic recession, etc.



Being a specialist in one thing is good, but being a master of more means your work has a chance to reach more people. You don’t wait to be discovered; the power is in your hands. Holding good working knowledge of a lot of skills is desirable and those who hire you might feel like they have hit the jackpot.



Written by Blessing Omoare, Temperament and Emotional Intelligence Coach.


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