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Are You Wasting Your Potential?

If you are unemployed, the necessity is on you to tap into your talent and find intelligent ways of putting food on your table.

We are daily presented with opportunities to practise being humans. We are not lower animals who just roam looking for food and prey. We are designed to be creators and recreators. We do this by sitting down and fashioning out an idea and plan on its execution. And to repeat the process.

Statement of fact: a lot of humans are not really enjoying the privilege of being humans. The gift of intelligence, imagination and creative thinking is left to waste in the minds of a lot of people. Raw power lies inside people waiting to be processed into finished goods. But the tradition of drudgery and servitude is the norm for them. All they care about is serving an employer to earn a wage to feed their needs. They are even ignorant of opportunities that lie in working for employers. The best they draw from themselves is their physical labour, time, and the learning that prepare them for their employment. They don’t think outside the box of what they have learnt. If the creative use of their mind is not in what they have learnt, they never go that area.

Now, you see what the problem is with our education system. It does not inform the individual of the nature of their minds and their abilities to play the god-roles of creators and innovators. Since they were not educated on these aspects of their lives, it is understood why they don’t go there. We have jobless people with great potential who are looking about where the next bread is dangling rather than courageously forming things.

To begin to function in the capacity of an being intelligent and creative person, you need to dive into your depth deeper and deeper. That starts with knowing there is a depth of potential in you and that you will find something if you go there.

If it demands that you watch videos or read something that prods you in to your depth, do so. Some people have been so fashioned in their ways that they have no time to consider new things. Some need some incentive to even understand themselves.

You can create something. You can manifest a thought, an idea or imagination. You can design systems. You can build a business. To start, you need to know you can. If you can and are not doing so, you are like a farmer standing in a wide expanse of arable land and thinking he is in his bedroom.

Being employed is not an excuse to shun the task of tapping into your talent. Rather, it gives you a ready platform to start something. You begin to understand how your monthly pay can pave the way for the realisation of an idea. You can also appreciate the learning you get at your place of work.

We all need to do doing something with the talents and skills that we have. It is a disservice to yourself not to use your talents. How else could that be impressed upon you?

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. He is an Author and Personal Development Specialist helping individuals become better and gain efficiency in their lives and careers. Victor created the Elevation Course that is designed to help anyone achieve long-term success starting from where they are. He authored The Way of Sophia, an introductory booklet to the character of The Sophia Club.

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