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Be The Gatekeeper of Your Mind


There are many charlatans and wannabe gurus, life coaches, and life strategists who are out there on ego trips and who do not really have something genuine to offer those seeking help from them. It will be at your own peril to not gatekeep your mind when these charlatans offer their “guidance” to you.

Problems drive people to others for help. Most times, our perception of the capabilities of those we run to comes from the picture we have of them from what they define themselves as. You hear them call themselves spiritual teachers, life coaches, life strategists, life guides, and mentors. The problems in people’s lives lower their mental guard to perceive the sham in the offerings that these charlatans give. And this is to the peril of the unguarded mind.

Imagine going to a doctor for treatment and he administers the same pain that you are trying to run from. Imagine a doctor giving you a placebo when what the condition shows that you really want is actual medication. Imagine a life coach that drives you back to the confusion, regrets, and shame you are trying to run from. And you don’t know it is leading there because you want to give trust to “who” is giving you all these.

The other day, I shared a concern with another charlatan brandishing herself as a life strategist. I opened up on issues about my life on a very deep level. The advice this person gave me was going to take me back to one of the sources of my hurt. It is like telling me to return to the fire that was hurting me to see if the fire was hot or not. Her voice took an aggressive tone when she saw I was not buying her suggestion. She was not asking questions to know what it is I was really going through. She was making guesses and I-know-too-much suggestions that were just silly. It took me taking the time to tell her more details for her to see that she was making a mistake. She had even called herself a muse who speaks things and they happen. Such charlatan! This kind of person will ruin the lives of people who don’t apply reason when listening to her.

The call here is simple! You have to place a guard on your mind when you are taking counsel from others. Even if they are your most admired humans or your loved ones, guard your mind against being misled. Some people mislead others out of good intentions.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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