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Becoming More: Principles for Reaching Greater Levels of Self Development

In the Good Book, we are told that God instructed the first humans to become fruitful and multiply. This instruction did not concern massive production of people and agricultural products alone. It concerns humans themselves. It concerns becoming fruitful from the level of their being – fruitful in their spirits, fruit in their minds, and fruitful in the works of their hands.

Becoming fruitful and multiplying is how people become more at who they are. Becoming fruitful in the outward result of inward growth. The only way you show yourself and the world that you are growing inside is what you are doing outside. People can see that you have become more than you were by the more colours beautifying your life and the things you express as your work.

Imagine yourself as a seed. Your have the potential to grow and become a tree, to occupy space, and to bear fruits not once but as many times as you stay alive. How far have you gone in becoming that tree?

Many people are living life on the surface. They never give themselves the time to go deep into themselves. Many of them do not realise that real growth only happens from within. They chase material things and leave the most important job which is the inside job – the soul work.

Trees bear fruit. A tree is a better metaphor to describe what humans can become. Humans are to bear fruits. In their seasons, trees don’t bear one fruit. They have a bunch of them. Relating this to humans, we are not supposed to be taking glory in just one single achievement, one idea, one skill, one talent, or one achievement in relation to personal development. We are to become more. We are to be fruitful.


How To Become More

  1. Unlock Your Potential

Trees grow from within. Water and sunlight would do nothing to a tree if the tree isn’t growing from inside. Every person has the potential to grow into greater versions of themselves. Unlike trees who are always trees, humans can be much more than the particular image people know them as. This however only happens if you:

a). Make constant self-analysis to take note of undiscovered potential within you.

Someone said “Everyone is gifted but not everyone open their packages”.

Discovery of talents and innate potential happen by self-analysis. No one who isn’t looking into himself finds anything.

b). Explore creativity and test ideas.

The signature of your being is in how you creatively express yourself. The more you express your creative spirit, the more you become. The more you become, the  more there is to create.

When creativity becomes a lifestyle, it would lead you into greater exploration of not only yourself but the world.


  1. Cultivate Mindset Mastery

Some people learn too late the importance of having a grip on their minds. The world is a beautiful place to be but there are negative ways and systems that men built from a spirit of a lack of love. These negative ways and systems cause varieties of pain and sorrows in the world. If you do not learn to shift your mindset to a positive direction, your daily reactions to these pains and sorrows can undermine your potential to become more.

Your mind is the steering wheel of your life. If you lack the mindset to confront life with positivity and power, you will be at the mercy of the negativities that are destroying destinies and turning people away from what true life is.


  1. Embrace Change

If you are going to become more, the last thing to fear is change. The fear of change will keep you static and take you to the place called nowhere.

Change plays an important role in helping people discover more aspects of themselves. However, changes can be happening around people but not in them if they do not have a growth-oriented mindset.

A mind that’s ready for growth and looking for it cannot remain the same. That attitude will accelerate your personal development journey and bring you to place where experiences for growth awaits you.


  1. Build an Attitude of Resilience

Your life journey won’t be a smooth, linear path. There will be curves, detours, u-turns, and sometimes diversions. These will come as challenges, setbacks, and adversities as you aim at a life of meaning.

Resilience is the amour to confront life’s challenges. It  is the capacity to recover and bounce back to life and activity from life’s challenges. The journey doesn’t get smooth, but you get stronger through a resilient attitude.

Expect challenges while you hope for groundbreaking outcomes. This attitude will get you using challenges to advance yourself, rather than let it knock you down.


  1. Set Goals. Plan Achievement

Becoming more is not a random occurrence. It is set into motion through goal-setting and planning. People make the mistake of thinking that by merely wishing for things, they would get what they wished for.

You cannot go into a store and expect to come out with what you did not enter there for, except someone throws a gift at you which does not happen often. Life is like a storehouse; you place a desire on life though your needs and the goal you set to achieve them. The process starts by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What actionable steps do you have to take for it?
  3. When do you have to take action?
  4. Where?
  5. Is there something to give up for what you want?
  6. Is there someone who can help make that happen?

Pursuing goals take you on a journey. On that journey are lessons, growth, discoveries, and everything that we can call experience. Every growth experience helps you become more.


  1. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the mental faculty you employ in keeping yourself sane and in fostering peaceful relationship with others.

We are constantly reacting to people and events every day. Often, our emotions go ahead before our logical brain can handle a situation. Our emotions are always reacting to perceived threat to our self-image and instead of stepping out of ourselves to view things holistically, we react in ways that may truncate relationships and processes.

Emotional intelligence is nothing else than regulating how you react to events and to people.


  1. Create Work-Life Balance

Another form of dying is spending all your time working and pursuing pay day at the expense of the health of your body and the sanity of your mind.

Many career-driven and ambitious people are breaking under the weight of stress because they never separate their work from their personal life. Rest is not the pastime of idle people. The most hardworking people need rest more.

Give priority to your personal life, to rest, to family, to those things that matter to you personally, other than the need to sell products, offer services, and make money.


  1. Manage Time Effectively

Time management is a crucial skill in the world today with a lot of distraction flying about on social media. Managing time is not about getting a lot done, it is about getting the most important things done.

Time management is the art of maximising productivity and feeding personal development by wisely allocating time to productive and personal activities.

Having a to-do list helps maximize your daily allocation of time. Controlling distractions and unimportant matters is how not to throw time away to the wind.


  1. Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are like chains that hold back people from achieving meaningful growth in their lives. These chains are nowhere but in the mind.

Limiting beliefs question why you should do things out of the familiar. Limiting beliefs help you remain in the zone of your comfort.

Limiting beliefs are self-imposed; they are mental programmes installed in the mind through years of wrong thinking, beliefs, and faulty interpretation of perceptions. Limiting beliefs are also placed on people through authority figures like religious and cultural institutions.

Limiting beliefs show up as rejection of new ideas, fear of the unknown, a desire to find security within comfort zones, and self-doubt. There is a belief behind all these and until you identify and overcome them, they can hinder your strides through life.


  1. Sustain Healthy Habits

You are a product of habits. Every outcome in your life is a product of repeated habits. Habits have a place in the process of who you become. From your thinking comes your actions; from your actions come your habits, and your habits create your life.

All habits do not appear as negative on the surface. The habit of constantly being on your phone does not look like a bad thing, but it can steal the time you should be giving to the most important things of your life!

Staying too long on bed is bad habit. Eating too much a day is bad habit. Keeping quiet during important conversations is a bad habit. Bad habits are also the use of alcohol, narcotics, and drugs.

Find your bad habit and transform them. The more healthier your habits the greater your chances of gravitating to the life you want for yourself.

Habit become the flaws of your personality if you do not deal with them.

This is not an exhaustive writing on how to become more. Because everyone have their individual journey through life, using these guidelines will help you discover a system that is unique to you in your journey to becoming more.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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