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Blind Obedience

Ever heard of the term “blind obedience”? It is not the same thing as blind faith. Blind obedience is the tendency of people to do what they are told without thinking for themselves if what they heard is true or...

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How To Protect Your Soul

The first step to protecting anything is to know what that thing is. Your soul is You in your essence. It is everything that you are wrapped up in one, yet there are pieces of it like pieces that make...

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Be The Gatekeeper of Your Mind

  There are many charlatans and wannabe gurus, life coaches, and life strategists who are out there on ego trips and who do not really have something genuine to offer those seeking help from them. It will be at your...

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According to man’s conclusion as to the discipline of SELF in harmony with nature’s laws, hunger produces the following benefits upon the mind and personality of a man. *Purification of the soul from the impurities of the mind and body....

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Monday Admonition

  Choose to know these:    1) You create your own reality, 100% of it all of the time. It does not always feel so, because you, over the time, have allowed both the subconscious and the unconscious parts of...

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The Logic of Questioning

Asking questions is one of the characteristics of human intelligence, the hobby of the inquiring mind. The inquiring mind is one burdened with the task of finding meaning to things, to explain why things happen as they do; the inquiring...

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Lesson From The Golden Buddha

It was 1957, in Bangkok, Thailand, the government wanted to build a large highway through a village. Yet, in the part of the planned road was a Buddhist monastery with a little chapel. So, they had to relocate the monastery,...

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The Many Faces of Love

In Greek, this would be written: In life, we must understand that we can truly enjoy Eros if we build on Ludus while searching for greater depths through Philia to set ourselves for great Pragma. Meanwhile, we must avoid Mania...

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Valentine's Day

Love is Everything

Love is everything. Love is the foundation of the universe. It is the connective element that sustains all of life and existence. Love is all we basically and essentially have and share. Forgetting this, we look for love externally and...

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Making The Internet Sulk With Porn

Most Nigerian celebrities are resorting to pornography for cheap fame. They started out by baring their bodies on social media to attract followers; now they have resorted to outright porn to thrill supposed fans, and woo more others into their...

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