Make A Difference

From anywhere you are on the planet, you can help The Sophians take programmes and charity to the public, helping people gain clarity on their life journeys and providing help to the needy.

Donate to The Sophia Club

Either as a Sophian or a visitor, you can help push our work further. The progress of our work will be updated on this website.

Thank you.

Sponsor The Book of Teens

5 copies of The Book of Teens – ₦10,000
10 copies of The Book of Teens – ₦20,000
50 copies of The Book of Teens – ₦100,000
100 copies of The Book of Teens – ₦200,000
500 copies of The Book of Teens – ₦1,000,000

Ways To Give

There are three broad categories into which you can make donations to The Sophians.

You can give to the general works of The Sophia Club, supporting it to expand its reach in offering life-changing initiatives and charity to the public.

You can support the distribution of The Book of Teens of over 400 pages of educative, motivational, and life-transforming content. Help make this powerful youth resource reach the hands of thousands of youths nationwide.

You can also inform us if you have tangible materials to give such as household and personal item. Send us a mail or make a phone call to us to donate household or personal items.

For issues concerning submitting your donation, contact any of these numbers: 08029099718, 08100582487, 08065002808 or

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