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Let us grow above evil and atrocities
And live for love, kindness and therefore “service to humanity”.
Let us be sympathetic to the weak and the needy
And restore to life beauty, glory and serenity

Let us subdue and overcome our ego
And life would be free from torture and sorrow
Let us come out of our shadows
And the world would produce great minds therefore heroes

Let us seek, nourish and appreciate the light
And the world would be illuminated even at night
Let us shun and stop all the fight
And life would be beautiful, fulfilling and bright

Let us grow above confrontation and distraction
And life would be free from confusion and commotion
Let us embrace negotiation and association
And the world would be a stranger to conflict and destruction

Let us see ourselves in others
And life would experience joy, harmony and order
Let us strive to be wiser and thus better
Thus save the world from danger and disaster

Let us eschew bitterness and eradicate sadness
And life would reflect kindness, goodness and greatness
Let us shun wickedness, selfishness and greediness
And the world would experience happiness, godliness and oneness


An extract from my ongoing project entitled The New World.

Written by Usu Okon.


Sophian is an alternate attribute for any member of The Sophia Club or any member of the public who shares worldviews and ideas with The Sophians.

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