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How To Protect Your Soul

The first step to protecting anything is to know what that thing is.

Your soul is You in your essence. It is everything that you are wrapped up in one, yet there are pieces of it like pieces that make a puzzle.

To protect your soul you need to know yourself, the signature of your soul, and what makes you you. Understand your soul’s configuration, the things that make you up, your values, your passion, your gifts, your desires, and the things that you are drawn to. These will create your character and personality and define the things you go for; these form your ambition.

The configuration of your soul forms your identity. If they take this configuration away from you, you will lose your identity, and you cannot form purpose or craft ambitions without that identity. What you do will be from what other people say that you are.

What is happening in the world today is that people’s identities are been bought from them and replaced with an identity that serves a social order or the agenda of a select few.

When you understand yourself, what you need to do is grow yourself, beautify yourself, and let your expressions be rooted in your soul. That is how we spot originality. It comes from the configuration of the soul.

For anyone who is unaware of their soul’s signature, try to do the following as often as you can:

1. Make self-introspection as often as you can. This helps you learn about yourself and brings you into a state of self-awareness.

2. Meditate. Enjoy solitude. In the place of calm and solitude, we dive deeper into our innermost regions and learn what we do not know were there, and also gain clarity for things we have been hinted at.

3. Take note of the things that you are drawn to. These things might not be what others call normal. They might be art, music, dress mode, books, food, cultures, beliefs, philosophies, and those other things that you like and others might not.

4. Listen to your inner voice. The voice of the Universe is anchored within every person, having a conversation with the individual as often as such conversation is to be had. It informs, teaches, inspires, and guides you along the journey of your life.

5. Remember the things you loved as a child. That was the moment when the soul was in its most uncorrupted stage.

6. Understand your gifts/talents/potential. They are there because of the configuration of your soul. If your soul was configured differently, you would have different talents.

7. Embrace love. The principle of love will soften the ground of your being and make you teachable. People are who rigid cannot learn.

Then, how should you protect your soul?

The soul can be corrupted or hurt. If it is hurt, it takes time to heal and that happens by removing the things that hurt it. If it is corrupted, except the individual can remember who he was, he may never fix himself or herself back.

Toxic people can hurt your soul. Trauma, tragedy, depression, attachment to things and people can hurt you.

Soul corruption is one of the evils of the world today. Through this, dark means are used to overwrite the configurations of people and turn them away from what they are into something else. It takes a lot of time to achieve this. Religion, media, and underground mind control agencies use black magic, occultic and alien technologies to break down people’s essence so deep that redemption is sometimes impossible.

The individual that gets his or her soul corrupted surrenders his or herself to be corrupted. By allowing others to determine your fate through membership in cults, societies, and other relationships, you may suffer soul corruption. The individual too can be responsible for the corruption of their souls by venturing into paths that their souls are not configured for.

Protect your soul by:

1. Being careful of your everyday choices and decisions; they form actions with consequences.

2. Owning yourself. Do not be arrogant but never let people own you.

3. Being careful of people you listen to; especially those who claim to be guides, mentors, and spiritual counsellors.

4. Avoiding addiction to harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes). They poison and perforate the soul and make inroads for viruses that seek to own and destroy the soul.

5. Be careful of dangerous religious cults and religions.

6. Spend time alone more often; walkout in Nature.

7. Eat healthy meals; much of nature’s fresh produce. Move your body in many ways than one. The healthier the body, the better the soul can unfold and self-realise.

The goal is to operate from your true self and not from the identity that someone else has foisted on you. The former produces originality, the latter is a copy.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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    Great write up

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    I found this post to be a valuable reminder of the importance of prioritizing our inner wellbeing and taking steps to protect our souls. Thank you for sharing it!

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