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*Purification of the soul from the impurities of the mind and body.
*Creates the capacity to enjoy spiritual pleasures.
*Brings humility to men.
*Brings remembrance of the poor.
*Brings health to the body.
*Enhances resistance to the temptations of sleep.
Any person today, Atheist or Theist, cannot help being in agreement with the above benefits which are derived NOT necessarily from HUNGER or FASTING but from TEMPERATE EATING.
Some of the greatest intellectual and spiritual achievements have come to those who were labouring mentally while they were on a restricted diet, by compulsion or by choice.
Heavy eating takes blood away from the brain to the digestive organs. It causes lethargy or sleepiness. It may become a habit that necessitates keeping the stomach partially engaged with food at all times. It generally stupifies the mental faculties.
The appetites it arouses prevent success with such psychic exercises as meditation.
It is not necessary for one to resort to hunger to gain the advantages set forth, but at least one should not overeat—- and we will know when we do that.
We eat to live not live to eat.
In the spiritual life of a man in any system, self-discipline plays an important part. The sensual aspect, the appetites of the physical is strong and necessary. However, this can dominate the consciousness to the exclusion of the finer impulses or the psychic. Therefore one must enforce ways and means of regulating these lesser powers of his being to their proper category.
It is wrong to deny the body or control its normal functioning.
Attainment of any level of spiritual perfection brings serenity and assurance which only come from complete satisfaction of every need of the body, mind and spirit.
Written by Monday Robert.


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