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La Conexion

Every story starts with a once upon a time. Scratch that. Every good story begins with a connection. In the time it takes to whip up a character and tie it up with another, in a nice little bow, magic happens. The intricacies are woven carefully, and the threads interlocked, with precision. Creation. A word that brings the notion of the divine to man. From nothing, man was formed. From nothing, worlds of wonder became; to make us marvel.

Man, a little lower than the angels, was borne of the breath of a Supreme being, and dust. Different from Him but still retaining the strength and wisdom he had. It’s not a wonder that man remains enthralled at the idea of creation. A connection. An extension of oneself. We make, we break, we dissect, we destroy, and, we put back together. Then, we attempt to sync these pieces by rearranging them in various sequences. Trying to discover a different outcome each time.

Sometimes, this process can be pretty passive. An individual may not even know that he is going through the motions. Creating something. Another, though, is wide awake. Fully aware of all the possibilities that are within his reach. He is not limited by circumstances and boundaries. In his story, he can manipulate and bend events and others to his will.

It was all about the will. The desire to create. To have characters totally beneath one’s control. Amenable to every rule that one makes and what curve in the road those characters could take. Connections are everything. They happen everywhere and need just a spark to be lit! There was nary a soul who wasn’t made to create. To tell a good story. But we forgot who we were and our connection to the divine. And thus, we sailed endlessly, aimlessly.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. He is an Author and Personal Development Specialist helping individuals become better and gain efficiency in their lives and careers. Victor created the Elevation Course that is designed to help anyone achieve long-term success starting from where they are. He authored The Way of Sophia, an introductory booklet to the character of The Sophia Club.

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  1. Victor Negro

    The word is connection. Soul to soul and miracles happen.

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