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Laziness Makes No Bread

Work is part of life, it is not a product of the Industrial Age. Before the time of the first fruit-gathering human family, nature made it part of existence that every human should work. Work has different degrees but the end of all work is the survival and happiness of the man.

Aside from the earnings which work brings, with it comes the opportunity for learning and growth. It is through work that the engine of your mind gets active. Without work, the mind is idle and the body lies lazily. The active mind makes the body active. The active body stays stronger and more alert than the inactive body. Lethargy descends upon people faster when they are inactive than when they are tired from too much activity. Prolonged lethargy can lead to unfortunate health conditions.

Work is to keep you vibrant and full of life even when the earnings from it cannot buy you happiness.

Lazy people are too lazy to realize their own laziness and they see comfort in doing nothing insofar as they find crumbs to survive on. Give us this day our daily bread is the mantra of work, not idleness. It is the expectation that because work is ongoing, bread should be baked. Give us this day our daily bread as we work with our hands and head. To the lazy, it is give us this day our daily bread while we stay idle on bed. Laziness makes no bread. The lazy gets pitied on with the crumbs from the bread of the one who is working.

Whether it is working under paid employment or serving yourself, work is honourable and the unemployed should seek employment or create work. If he cannot find employment which fits his natural talent, he should take up one from which he earns and then he can grow up to find one which fits his talent or to create a work for such. Work serve to build structures which serve humanity or which maintain these structures serving humanity. Whether one is building or maintaining, the work pays and builds the person. The lazy cannot understand the experience of work until he is into it and those who are idling the greater part of their lives look like those asleep while others busy themselves under the Sun.

Laziness is not only being unwilling to do something, it is also being unwilling to try something new and agreeing with yourself to remain within the comfort of the old. When circumstances demand that you change the mode of your work for better earnings and new experience but you are unwilling to make such change, what you are doing is another degree of laziness. The pain of thinking up the new work or the dread of being in a new working environment with new strangers and amount of work can keep people in the same earning activity for a long time until it seems they might lose their lives there, then a forced change is made.

Progress is a part of the human experience. You should move from level to level more as a result of the growth of your mind and then as a result of job promotions for diligence and long service. Even when you remain in the same career or vocation, new activity should take your work a level higher and such change should be so significant. The mind is there to facilitate this through new information and the wisdom of past experiences. Your bread should increase. You deserve more loaves so reach for them through work. If you cannot own a bakery, at least let your work earn you a bread store. Make breads and do not idle on bed because laziness makes no bread.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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