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How To Be A Member of The Sophia Club

The Sophia Club is a socio-cultural organisation passionate about enlightenment, human development, mutual support, and charity.

We are committed to the education and development of the human mind towards the creation of systems and processes that enhance the life of the individual and that of society.

Members of The Sophia Club are collectively called The Sophians. Our ultimate goal is to become more disciplined, virtuous, intelligent, wise, and successful than any group of people in society. We want to raise a bar for ourselves that no one else has reached.

Our values are Love, Wisdom, Understanding, Vision, Goal-orientedness, Knowledge, and Humanity.

On the blog section of this website, there are inspiring articles to spice up your mind. You can read about:

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Why We Use Sophia in Our Name


Becoming a Sophian is synonymous with signing up for a lifetime of personal development, fearlessness, and creative exploration of your mind. It is a journey of spiritual growth and optimum utilising of talents and passions.

The Sophia Club is active online with a thriving chatroom on WhatsApp. Members of the club meet every last weekend of the month. The doors of The Sophia Club are open to new and returning members.


Membership to The Sophia Club comes with certain obligations:

1. You are to engage actively in activities in the club such as studies, discussions, video meetings, and group projects.

2. You are to strive to be the best of yourself, reflective of The Sophian Values.

3. You are to commit to the series of books we read and the courses we share.

4. You are to help spread information about the club.


Sophians are fearless. Sophians value taking action and following their dreams and ideas regardless of what people think. If you carry big ideas in your heart, become fearless in executing them. Read more here.


Membership to The Sophia Club is free for now. Paid membership will be included later in the future. But members are encouraged to make frequent donations to the Club to support it in its educational and charity initiatives.



Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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