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Monday Admonition


Choose to know these: 


1) You create your own reality, 100% of it all of the time. It does not always feel so, because you, over the time, have allowed both the subconscious and the unconscious parts of your total identity to take over. The process is now in a default state and heavily influenced by your core beliefs, and your moment -to-moment focus and attention.

2) You are powerful and always in control. This also does not always feel so because, so far, your formal and informal social and cultural educational systems have nurtured and then programmed you with different narratives that made you see and feel that you are at the mercy of all events, and only when you sacrificially appease God, or the gods, will He/they consider whether you are worthy of being saved. This is far from the truth. Divest yourself today of this false and disempowering mental-emotional garb. Feel and accept your power as individual expressions of God, The Primal Creator, The Source Energy.

3) You are unconditionally worthy and this is by virtue of your existence. There is no other condition for your worthiness other than that you exist. KNOW THIS.

– Kunle O. Daramola


A Sophianus is an alternate attribute for any member of The Sophia Club or any member of the public who shares worldviews and ideas with The Sophians.

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