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Money Temptations

The need for money to enable individuals to realise lofty dreams and gain recognition for whatever they feel their mission is to open these individuals up to so many temptations. The further away from the money they need, the longer it might take for them the legitimately work for their own money to fund their dreams, and the closer these temptations will be to them.

There would be temptations to cut corners. There would be temptations to play the corrupt game of dishonesty. There would be temptations to take on the character of a fox while letting the public see you as a sheep—the deceiving honest fellow.

Those are small temptations. The greatest deception will be those that men and women of the underworld bring your way. Literally, the lure of devils, denizens of darkness who can go to any length to keep you from personally working yourself up to wealth unless you align with their sinister agenda.

If they have not brought their antics your way, my friend, count yourself lucky.

If you have audacious dreams, especially disruptive ones, get all the money you can get to finance your dreams. If not, one way or the other, these God-forsaken retards will try to make a sport of you.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. Author and Spiritual Teacher.

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