Man and Woman

Considering the Gender War currently being fanned in different quarters and the zeal with which some men and women add fuel to the fire, a document as this becomes necessary, helping to dowse the conflict and to ensure that the natural harmony between the man and woman is not destroyed. If harmony is maintained, there is a guarantee for the health of the family system and the society by extension.

The Elevation Course

Personal development is a serious business and you can tell by the billion-dollar industry built around helping people attain self-improvement. Some of the products of the self-help industry are cheesy but few of them are birthed from the experience and wisdom of the creators and authors of these works, and they make a sincere conversation with people who are intentional about self-growth. The Elevation Course is one of these serious self-help guides that helps the serious-minded individual on the journey of personal development. It is a seven module practical course offering guides on goal-setting and skills needed to succeed at being yourself and in your relationship with others.

Praises for RED

A Collection of Cupid’s Tales


I love it. Beautifully written and with soft humour. I also love its realness. Just realized today that a similar thing is happening with me… but he’ll be leaving for SA next year and the language, rather than English, is French. He’s also an avid traveller and death talks don’t freak him out. It brought me to the moment cause I haven’t thought much about what’s happening. Even after reading your story, until today. I mean, I was “awwning” and smiling when reading. And today I realized I could actually awwn and smile about my own life too cause you magnified it for me to see. Thank you! And then The acknowledgement. Wow! You guys are amazing. Indeed a journey does begin with only one step. Well done guys.


The Red Book is a love book. Not one which lists out the Dos and Don’ts of love and romance, but a book about love told with the words of those who experienced it in one way or another. I like all the stories that were written and I honestly do not have one that is my favourite. They are all good. The Red Book has a lot of emotions packed in it. Almost every author wrote about someone they wished they had or someone they had who helped them see another dimension of love and to grow from it. The book is honest and it is worth a read.


Victor Negro

The Red Book is a fantastic reminder that love finds itself in many places and the way it reflects in our minds and hearts are as different as the shapes and sizes of our faces. I love the different styles the authors expressed their thoughts with, the meaningful questions and thoughts provoked and the quotable quotes embedded in their stories.

Nkaiso Asikpo

The red book is a book written by real people with real stories. Highlighting their real experiences for real people. I love how the writers’ heart was poured out wholeheartedly. GET YOU A RED BOOK and feel the LOVE OF EACH writer.

Blessing Edet (Mildred Daniel)

I thought it was a good read, short and unpredictable. And after reading Sudden Bonds, it triggered the thought that I could also write my own love story for others to read.


We all fall in love in mysterious ways that look normal until you step outside of your story and become a third person witness. That chance meet at the bar, that sister in the church that has been in your church for 10 years but you never knew her until fate decided to link both of you, the fine girl on your street that you thought was out of your league until you heard a rumour that she has been secretly waiting for you: these may seem so casual but if you really take your time to put the story together, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense, yet it’s inspiring because it’s part of your life’s journey. The Red Book project tasked its writers with the responsibility of stepping out of their own story and become a witness so they can document it. It was a great experience as many of the writers now saw some intricacies in their own stories that wouldn’t have occurred to them naturally. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to. You’d find interesting inspiration for your own story, and who knows maybe you’ll get a few tips here and there to get that boy or girl you’ve been eyeing.

Olusola Bodunrin

Red: A Collection of Cupid’s Tales is an amazing book about love and relationships told through many eyes. It shows that we haven’t known all the gist about love and what it is until we hear others narrate their experiences with love. Love exists as a force as The Red Book shows that through 27 chapters.

Aquila Amarula

My goodness, this is a beautiful read. I just read Lami’s piece “Massage in the Sun.” I was boiling knowing this story is the reality of many people in this country. Let me go back to read it all, I will be right back. Well done!


The Red Book is a collection of stories from different great minds on the colours shapes and sizes of love; it has some of the most burning questions, answers and the in-betweens on love, some things are better experienced than told and this juice is worth the squeeze.

Anyajike Onyekachi

A love book that shares perception of love from different authors. I had a feel of each author’s experiences, ideas and thoughts about love and enjoyed reading it to the max. I urge you to read and enjoy your moment with RED book, you’ll be glad you did.

Chizobam Eze

The Red Book is a wonderful combination of interesting and short stories on love, life and living in general. It also captures in lovely details, how it changes the scenery and positively influence our lives. As an author, the Red Book project was a dream come true. No doubt, love is the noblest of all human emotions and a book that magnifies it from different perspectives is definitely worth reading.

Olusanya Oluwole Sheriff

The greatest gift for this year’s Val is this beautiful collection of cupid tales shrunk into the Red Book. Fictions told as though real, real stories expressed as though movies. The tale of love and thorns shows how religious beliefs sometimes serve as obstacles to blossoming love stories.


The Standpoint Paper

A document of candid thoughts, inspired by the outbreak of the Covid-19, offering light on human sanity and success, and what should happen between your life and your death.

The Sophia Weekly