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The Book of Teens: The Teensmart Self-Help Book

You cannot deny that there is a darkness of immorality engulfing the minds of young people today.

The tentacles of this darkness are finding their way down even to teenagers and preteens and threatening their future.

With the ongoing miseducation and mental corruption going on in their lives through the dark contents on television and the internet, their future can be thrown into destruction if nothing is done about it.

If the fate of society lies in the coming generations, with the onslaught of their minds by the forces of miseducation and perversion, then society will be brought to ruin more by a monstrous wave of immorality than by economic underdevelopment.

This is why The Book of Teens showed up as a self-help treasure to begin its journey of righting wrongs in the minds of young people.

This self-help book was written by 15 members of The Sophia Club. The Book of Teens is a collection of stories, poems, and admonitions designed to enlighten the minds of teenagers.

Composed of 40 chapters, 366 pages, and easy-to-read letters, The Book of Teens carefully entertains its readers with dramatic and suspenseful stories, planting within them wise counsels, principles, and nuggets of life.

Poems within the book move its readers through vivid narrations that are short and very instructional. The admonitions within the pages bear on the minds of the readers with the gentle voice of a parent.

The Book of Teens is a powerful resource capable of transforming the minds of teenagers and helping them have better perspectives on life. It has characters that are teensmart

The reviews received so far from parents, teen mentors, adults, and teenagers reading The Book of Teens proves that the book is doing well in its purpose of positively impacting the minds of teenagers in no small way.


The 40 chapters of the book are:

Chapter #1: Once Upon A Book by Victor Negro
Chapter #2: The Purpose and The Why by Aliibrahim Chioma
Chapter #3: The Pencil’s Wisdom by Victor Negro
Chapter #4: The Girl Who Sang Into A Well by Victor Negro
Chapter #5: Create Time by Adepoju A. Samuel

Chapter #6: Beware, My Friend! by Adepoju A. Samuel
Chapter #7: Let’s Talk by Sola Bodunrin
Chapter #8: A Note To My Diamond Teen by Elizabeth Ashaolu
Chapter #9: Diamond Girl by Chizobam Eze
Chapter #10: I Am by Mansour Onyekachi Anyajike

Chapter #11: Unpretty by Precious Light
Chapter #12: The Beauty in Scars by Precious Light
Chapter #13: You Are Royalty by Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe
Chapter #14: Rules of Hygiene by Victor Negro
Chapter #15: When The Sun Shines by Aliibrahim Chioma

Chapter #16: Ochanya’s Victory by Elizabeth Ashaolu
Chapter #17: Twin Flowers by Victor Negro
Chapter #18: Down Into A River by Victor Negro
Chapter #19: Beyond The Storm by Clementina Ndubueze
Chapter #20:The Sixteen Nuts by Victor Negro

Chapter #21: Explanation of The Sixteen Nuts of Makalani by Victor Negro
Chapter #22: The Second Chance and LOFA by Kunle Daramola
Chapter #23: Nemesis by Adepoju Samuel
Chapter #24: Let Mind Lead You On by Victor Negro
Chapter #25: Wear Confidence by Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe

Chapter #26: A Note on Self Perception by Adedayo Beckley
Chapter #27: Being Eighteen by Blessing Philip Asaoye
Chapter #28: Learning Money Lessons Now by Oluwole Olusanya
Chapter #29: You Are Not Alone by Adepoju A. Samuel
Chapter #30: Your Mind Is A Pathway by Aliibrahim Chioma

Chapter #31: Patience by Victor Negro
Chapter #32: Eleven Bits of Advice by The Tree of Sophia by Victor Negro
Chapter #33: The Creativity Club by Victor Negro
Chapter #34: New Friends by Precious Light
Chapter #35: All or Nothing by Olamide Agemo

Chapter #36: Be A Patriot by Victor Negro
Chapter #37: The Wisdom of Seven Things by Victor Negro
Chapter #38: A Call To Integrity by Uwana Essien
Chapter #39: The Passage by Adedayo Beckley
Chapter #40: The Excursion by Victor Negro


Below are some of the published reviews received so far.









Downloadable PDF copies of The Book of Teens can be purchased on

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Contact a Representative to complete the order and delivery arrangement:

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Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. He is an Author and Personal Development Specialist helping individuals become better and gain efficiency in their lives and careers. Victor created the Elevation Course that is designed to help anyone achieve long-term success starting from where they are. He authored The Way of Sophia, an introductory booklet to the character of The Sophia Club.

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