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The Backend of Greatness

Every genuine and sustainable greatness has a visible frontend that is highly desirable and the unseen and rigorous backend that sponsored it.

Whereas many desire to be identified with the frills and thrills of the visible expressions of greatness, only a few are committed enough to pursue the great man into his inner chamber to visualize the whole framework and intricate programs, routines, and toils that birthed and sprouted that frontend of greatness.

Behind the scenes, hidden from the eyes of men, is a detailed account of worthiness for such great manifestation. So structured and consolidated is the backend that a great man can produce a statement of his activity in a dated past with a definite description of the details in accordance with his overall pursuit.

This backend is the common denominator of every truly great in any field of endeavour, be it spirituality, secular spheres, sports, etc. The unseen and unreported travails and toiling provide the springboard for the ultimate lifting.

There can be no truly distinct and profound greatness in any field without that backend.

So then, what makes up the backend of greatness:

1. : Every story of greatness has an audacious vision that is persuasive. The clarity of that vision is so compelling to the one who caught it that it propels action motion for execution and momentum for perseverance.

2. : Greatness is not independent of a purpose. As a result, it is in the pursuit of an overriding purpose that a man begins to achieve greatness.

The solving of a need, the alleviation of a challenge, the cure of an ailment, the elevation of living conditions of humanity, the amelioration of a disaster from a crisis, etc.

Men who would be great show up in the arena of need with an overriding purpose strong enough to veto the mountain of challenges before them.

3. : There is the book or the device where the mapping of strategy and the sequence of actionable plans are both scribbled and scripted. Great men can produce their written notes or parchments.

The streams of ideas and concepts are both highlighted and developed there. The timelines for executions are stated there. The progress is traceable there.

4. : The self is the greatest stumbling block for the actualization of greatness. Great men are not men without the limitations of the self. They are simply men who mastered and tamed it to their advantage.

The Discipline;

– to show up daily in the arena of duty,
– to take prompt actions when many would procrastinate,
– to go the distance when stopping short seems normal,
– to delay gratification when short-term satisfaction beckons freely,
– to overcome the tendency for complacency, and many more.

5. : Success is in your daily routines, says John C. Maxwell. The drudgery of routine is the field where greatness is born and sustained. The next great men that would be visible in the coming years are those who have adhered to a concrete and consistent routine years before now.

They can give an account of the judicious use of their 24-hour period of each day. Stay with a person with a concrete routine for a few days, and you’ll sense an atmosphere of undeniable greatness on the horizon of such a one.

6. : Certain depths are hard to penetrate and would never be reached without doggedness, persistency, and strong resilience.

You would face opposition without and within. Conflicts and confusion. Challenges and confrontations. Obstructions and ordeals. The great man is the one who persisted and navigated the regimes of difficulties without accepting defeat in the quest for the fulfilment of his purpose and mandate.

7. : This is the ultimate backend story of every sustainable greatness. This unconquerable spirit and unyielding quality of character will surely birth greatness in ANY pursuit.

The thoughts to quit besiege the man who would be great. There are tears without, fears within, and wears about his frames, yet the one thing he never does is QUIT.

This makes all the difference eventually.

Greatness is desirable. The back end of it is demanding and thorough.

Only those who are ready to subject themselves to the rigours of the back end would sprout forth and manifest the front end thereafter.

Written by Emmanuel Okeoghene Efeonah


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