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There Is Always A Way Out

If you’re ready to rise above your present circumstance
You must seek divine presence, influence and guidance
This would grant you success, progress and prosperity
Thus altering the story of your history and posterity

If you’re ready to grow above tradition, conventions and superstition
You must appreciate proper education, liberation and elevation
This would make you “the light of the world”!
And the reason why people walk without a fall!

If you’re ready to be relevant, cherished and be prominent
You must court intelligence, discipline and be transparent
This would create admiration, adoration and appreciation
Thus your recognition, attention and benediction

If you’re ready “to turn a new leaf”!
You must avoid evil, self-condemnation and rift
This would create in you joy, harmony and peace
Thus enjoying a life of bliss, ease and breeze

If you’re ready to rise anytime you fall
You must shun self-pity and always stand tall
This would make you a winner and an overcomer
Thus, a star, an achiever and a leader!

If you’re ready to seek and know the truth
You must allow wisdom to be your root
This would grant your mission triumph and victory
And your life freed from agony and mutiny


An Extracted from my ongoing project entitled The New World.


Written by Usu Okon.


Sophian is an alternate attribute for any member of The Sophia Club or any member of the public who shares worldviews and ideas with The Sophians.

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