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To Believe A Lie: Strong Delusion

Of the worst judgment that can happen to a man’s mind, TO BELIEVE A LIE tops the list, especially that belief that is based on a very strong delusion.

This judgment is what will characterize the last days, as so many will be swayed by this strong delusion – the whole enterprise of one’s reasoning and thinking anchored and rooted in a lie, such a fearful thing.

In such a condition, the conscience is beyond conviction as such and one is fully persuaded of the correctness of his belief. No argument or instruction will turn the eyes and minds of the deluded to the truth.

This will manifest in flagrant disbelief of THE TRUTH – the gospel truth of God’s salvation plan and agenda. Men will arise that will distort the biblical narratives and seek to fault the revealed Word of God and the deity of the Son of God.

They will not love the truth that saves but will seek after their own ways and false science – pseudoscience. They will elevate the individual to god status and will deny the LORD GOD above.

They will worship and serve the creature more than the creator and will convert the glory of the incorruptible God to that of corruptible things and beasts.

They will approve and excuse all forms of lawlessness. That which may be known of GOD manifests in them in that he gives them the understanding of the invisible things from the things that are seen. This makes them without any tenable excuse.

In the brief period that they knew GOD by some insightfulness granted to them, they did not glorify GOD as they ought in seeking him the more, rather they chose the path of vain imaginations and the folly of a darkened heart.

So the question becomes: what is responsible for this condition?

This is a direct judgment of GOD meant for their utter condemnation. HE SENDS THEM STRONG DELUSIONS. They would rush after falsehood as some sweet wine. This is because their condemnation has been appointed and concluded for their dislike of the truth. They will haste after the ways of unrighteousness and would lose the restraint of the Spirit of God in their souls.

False knowledge, half-truths, and outright lies will appeal to their minds as some arcane and ingenious information. They will open the whole gates of their lives and minds to the belief of a lie simply because the restraining power of the Spirit of God is off.

They by themselves will condemn themselves to the depravities and idolatries that will ensue with such ways and knowledge.

The lies will become strongholds in their minds and hearts and blindfolds that will cause their ultimate stumbling. Many will be deceived by the subtleties and deceptiveness of these falsehoods as it operates by a mysterious mind-controlling spirit and system. It draws the attention of the mind through mystical forces. The mind unguarded by the Spirit of God and the Words of the LORD will stand no chance in resisting the pull of such false knowledge and lying wonders.

We who have believed are to hold fast to the persuasions of our faith, the convictions that led to our first affirmations of faith, the testimonies that we have heard, seen, and experienced, and the ancient Word, ever true, changing and sanctifying us.

We must not delve into new unsanctioned knowledge that questions the pillars of our faith and gives another explanation other than the revealed Word of God, for all those, are myths and fables. They are false ways and are vain.

We are to establish the younger and impressionable minds among us in the utter truth of the scriptures, watch over their souls in prayers and intercessions, attend to their every question and doubt with compassion, and teach them to flee from seducing knowledge and information.

The end time is upon us, the man of sin is soon to be revealed. We are to hold fast the beginning of our confidence STEADFAST UNTO THE END.


Bible Reference: Romans 1:18-32; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17.


Written by:
Emmanuel Okeoghene Efeonah


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