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Valentine’s Day: What Love Means to The Sophians

We have had conversations about love in The Sophian community more than once. The subject is as controversial as religion and politics are because love means so many things to so many people.

Valentine’s Day gives us the space to accommodate a broader meaning of love. It goes beyond being an expression of affection for a lover to being families strengthening the bonds within one another, friends oiling their connection, and the individual reminding oneself of the beauty of the Self and the privilege of being in this Creation we call Life.

Love to us is everything that love is. This positions us not to be foolish or conceited as to be unaware of opportunities to express love to those who matter in our lives. Every day can be Valentine’s Day if we spread love to family members, friends, and most importantly to ourselves as individuals.

As members of The Sophia Club, we can take love to a whole new level. Our expression of love doesn’t always have to be with gifts and takeaways. By being sensitive to the needs of those around us and helping them solve them, we express love like it should be. By helping someone make progress on their personal journey, we express love like no other. By celebrating people’s achievements, we appreciate the time and effort they committed to such achievements, and that brings the expression of love even higher.

We have to be able to live without hate. So many people want hate to have a place in our hearts by their attitude towards us. Sometimes, it is us wrongly interpreting how they relate with us. Self-love informs us that hate for others just hurt us the more. Why hurt yourself loving yourself? You shouldn’t.

Where we take love further as an organisation is in our relationship with the public. We love our communities and that is why we are saddened to see the sad colours in our reality. We want to experience more beauty, love, knowledge, prosperity, and peace. But, this only happens when we intentionally demonstrate this love by our collective effort to teach and enlighten members of the public. We want them to reinvent themselves and come up with better expressions of their lives through the knowledge of self and the productivity that comes from this. What other expression of love is greater than this?

So, to us, The Sophians, love means to make our lover be the best person in our lives. It means to be there for family members. It is to show love to the public by spreading light. And, finally, love is to prefer no one else above us as individuals.

Victor Negro

Founder and Visionary of The Sophia Club. He is an Author and Personal Development Specialist helping individuals become better and gain efficiency in their lives and careers. Victor created the Elevation Course that is designed to help anyone achieve long-term success starting from where they are. He authored The Way of Sophia, an introductory booklet to the character of The Sophia Club.

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  1. Kunle O. Daramola

    You are right: “Valentine’s Day gives us the space to accommodate a broader meaning of love.”

    It is indeed a reminder to us all that LOVE is more and all-encompassing.

    Thank you, Victor.

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