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Vibration & Perceptual Focus

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All these vibrations, how dem take dey get am? (expressed in a local patois, and meaning “What is it all about? How does one generate or create vibrations?”)


Everything is vibrational in nature since our essence is energy.

What influences and also intensify vibrations are thoughts and feelings, especially feelings or emotions.

So tending to one’s vibrations is paying close and healthy attention to your thoughts and feelings (about everything). In other words, paying attention to your perception of everything, for your perception determines your reality (your personal experiences)

A version of Proverbs 4:23 says, “Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts shape your life.”

A more popular version (KJV) says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for our of it are the issues of life”.

A refined Jedi Knight told his young protégé something similar. He said, “Your focus determines your experience”.

This young protégé never really understood this wise counsel but pursued his own path, which was laden with fear and rage. He ended up being the most feared villain. He was called Darth Vader.

I have come to notice that every individual who became a villain was once an individual who face several odds like many, but also like many gave in to his/her fears, anger and rage.

So, I remind us all of this:



“Forget your problems and they will go away.’ That almost sounds like the babbling of a child or an idiot. It certainly sounds UNintellectual, like wishful thinking of the most sentimental variety. Mothers tell children to forget their troubles. The children often do just that—and discover that their problems do indeed disappear.

If you worry about the world, you can somehow perhaps save it—or so many people think. If you DON’T worry about the world, you are considered unfeeling, and it certainly seems ridiculous to imagine that the world can somehow take care of itself, and even remedy whatever damage it seems man has done to it.

But no: it seems that worrying will get you someplace. It provides impetus, and so it does—by promoting further problems. You are used to thinking, however, that worry is an acceptable method of showing concern for private or public affairs. The best thing you can do for yourself, or your loved ones, or the world, is to stop worrying, and hence release all of the negative thoughts therein generated.

(With much amused irony:) The foolhardy, the brave, the utterly courageous, might even take a step further, and imagine that whatever problem is involved no longer exists, or to pretend that “it will go away,” for in any case “it is not as bad as I thought.

Some other more courageous souls might decide to balance their input, and if the news is bad to turn their attention to the joys of the day, which are indeed immediately present.”


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