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Weekly Group Chat Schedule

Hi there!

Welcome, if you just joined the WhatsApp group chat of The Sophia Club. If you have been with us for a while, cheers.

To regulate activities in the group, we have this weekly schedule to guide engagement.

Mondays – Business Talks

On Mondays, all discussions are about business, whether we are looking at business from the mental, physical, or emotional side of it. Then, we can advertise our business or products as well, or share job vacancies.

Tuesdays – General Discussions & Polls

Tuesdays, we hold Polls and can have random discussions.

Wednesdays – Sharing Life Issues

Wednesdays, we can discuss Life Issues, things about us or others, secrets or viral sensations.

Thursdays – General Discussions & Book Reviews

Thursdays are for book reviews and all things that are Personal Development related (self-love, goal setting, planning, success principles, etc). The 1st to 3rd Thursdays will have book reviews of books we are not reading and the last Thursday will have a review of the book we are reading.

Fridays – Matters of The Heart

Fridays are our usual Matters of the Heart session.

Saturday – Lecture Presentation

Saturday, we have a Lecture Presentation. The floor is now open for any member of the house who will like to give us a presentation on Saturday. Contact any of the admins and we will schedule a Saturday for you.

Sunday – General Discussions & Hot Seat

We have the Hot Seat Session where we bring any member of the group and ask them questions (both private and personal, as much as they are willing to tell us). The desire is to use the opportunity to get to know members personally. It starts at 7pm every Sunday. Between morning and 6pm, we should have had and ended all random discussions.


Sophian is an alternate attribute for any member of The Sophia Club or any member of the public who shares worldviews and ideas with The Sophians.

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