So many people lack the right strategies to introduce a business to people online especially on social media platforms. They go straight to your inbox and start introducing their businesses even without getting to know who they are dealing with.

These set of people believe that it is the easiest way to get someone’s attention – which is very wrong. You can’t send people messages and start introducing a business to them on a first chat and expect them to join your business. It doesn’t work that way. Talking to people online about any business requires a process.

Social media is filled with different kinds of people with different personalities which you must first understand.

Here are some things you should know before introducing any business to people online:

1. Be visible on social media: Don’t take a break off social media for too long. Be consistent and your visibility will make people know you.

Consistency is not necessarily posting everyday. Just ensure you’re posting from time to time.

It’s also important that you post contents within your niche/business for people to know what you’re into.

Create contents based on what you do consistently to create awareness. If you don’t know how to write, learn.

2. Make sensible posts all the time that will attract people’s attention: Let your posts make people eager to read from you. When they see your name, they already know they are about to get value. As you consistently dish out value, you’re gaining more audience, and you are building trust; people only do businesses with a person they don’t trust.

3. Learn to engage in people’s posts: As people engage on your posts, do likewise. Don’t just react and leave; also comment in such a way that if anyone reads your comment, they will be forced to check your profile. Don’t be among the “perfectly said” cohorts. Point out your views even if it opposes that particular post.

Sometimes, shake tables. Make your posts on any trends if there’s any. So many people have been able to strategically used Hilda Baci’s recent story to build their businesses. Take advantage of trends.

Follow people that are influential and popular. If you see any post that relate to your business/services, construct a comment that will push people to check your profile. From there, they follow your posts, engage, and you end up having private conversation fluently.

4. Write captivating copies that will draw people to your inbox: For you to skyrocket your business online, learn copywriting.

Copywriting and content writing are two different things. A copywriter also has the skills of a content writer, but a content writer cannot do the work of a copywriter.

So it is better to have both skills. Irresistible sales copies will drive people to your inbox without stress.

I see a lot of people making post saying “please help my hustle o”. “Your favorite shoes are here, please come and buy.”

This actually very funny and wrong. You don’t beg people to buy things or go for your services.

You sell with words. Don’t show them your product or services alone, what they want is benefits. How does your business or services add value to them? Tell them.

5. Post mind-blowing content within your niche on different groups and answer questions boldly and correctly: Join groups relating to your business niche. All groups aren’t meant for you to join. You can’t be an expert in real estate and you join a group on agriculture. If you’re a personal development expert, join content writing groups that can allow you posts your contents. Don’t join any group on any social media platforms and be there to occupy space.

Don’t waste your data. Push out contents on every group to promote your business or whatever you do.

If you’re good in Affiliate Marketing, Amazon KDP, Content writing, copywriting, Ghost writing, Health & Fitness, Skincare, etc, push out contents on the different groups that allows it. The more you’re consistent, you will see the result for yourself.

Even on WhatsApp groups, show up during conversations. Let people know your onions. Hiding your thoughts won’t do you any good. If you notice a topic about your expertise, services or business is being treated, confidently engage. By so doing, you’re gaining more visibility, more audience, more trust, and more potential clients.

Conclusively, when people get to know you, you are gradually building more connections, creating a good relationships, communicating privately becomes easier because you’ve paved the way for that.

Let people know your onions. Don’t hide. Shamelessly market what you do, CONSISTENTLY.


Written by Blessing Omoare, Temperament & Emotional Intelligence Coach.


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