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When Lyrics Inspire Storytelling

The Sophia Club organises the Song to Plot Writing Contest for Senior High School students!

The Song to Plot Writing Contest is a unique opportunity for senior high school students to showcase their creativity and storytelling skills. Participants will listen to a piece of Nigerian folklore music and use it as inspiration to craft a dramatic prose piece.

– To inspire creativity and nurture the writing spirit among young people.
– To provide a platform for students to express themselves through dramatic prose.
– To align with The Sophia Club’s mission of positively impacting the lives of young people.

Contest Details:

1. Eligibility:
– Open to senior high school students represented from the various schools.

2. Submission Guidelines:
– Participants must listen to the selected piece of Nigerian folklore music provided by The Sophia Club.
– Using the music as inspiration, students must write a piece of dramatic prose.
– Submissions should be original, unpublished works.

3. Judging Criteria:
– Creativity and originality.
– Quality of writing and storytelling.
– How well the prose reflects the themes and emotions of the folklore music.

4. Awards:
– The top three students will receive awards recognising their outstanding contributions.
– Awards are intended to celebrate the students’ achievements and encourage continued creativity.

The Song to Plot Writing Contest aims to:
– Encourage young writers to explore the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian folklore.
– Foster a love for storytelling and creative writing among high school students.
– Support The Sophia Club’s commitment to making a positive impact on youth through cultural and educational initiatives.

Submission Process:
– Details on how to submit entries will be provided by The Sophia Club.
– Deadline for submissions will be announced along with the contest rules.


Call For Sponsorship

The Sophia Club calls for sponsorship to enable this laudable initiative to reach many schools. There are cash and other gift prices to give to the most outstanding students. We call on benevolent members of the society to help make this Initiative fruitful. All cash donation can be sent to the account below.

The Sophia Club Lagos
Sterling Bank

We look forward to reading the imaginative and inspiring stories that students create from beautiful Nigerian folklore music.


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